Video:Conchita – a diva in Marsa


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The Eurovision winner Conchita is in Malta for the first time. Conchita entered a press conference at Marsa Shipbuilding looking as fabulous as always, wearing a neutral coloured leather pencil skirt accentuated with red shoes and a black beard.

She described how winning the Eurovision for Austria had changed her life, with one of the perks being that she gets to travel all around the world. The beautiful diva only landed in Malta this afternoon and her first impression: she thought that it was still summer.

Conchita is looking forward to singing her new inspirational song ‘Heroes’ in tonight’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest Final. The message she wants to convey is of peace and innocence – ‘Heroes’ is about believing in the innocence each person is born with and to show respect to one another. Her advice to the singers who are competing tonight is to enjoy it as much as they can.