Denise Buttigieg will be representing Malta in the Eurovision Young Dancers 2017

The dancer that will represent Malta in the Eurovision Young Dancers 2017 is Denise Buttigieg .  The contest will take place in Prague on the 16th December 2017.

PBS received a total of 18 submissions and only 10 made to the final.  The selection of the dancer was done at Mediterrean Conference Centre.  All the 10 participants prepared a 2 minute performance, which it was then executed under the vigilant eyes of Alison White, Annalise Ellul and Brigitte Gauci Borda.


Denise Buttigieg  is currently the principal dancer at Naupaca Dance Factory.  She joined Naupaca at the age of 9 years and has since had major roles in all Naupaca’s major productions – namely ‘Alice’s Adventures Underground, The Dream, The death of Snow White, Immaculate, Divina and After. 

In these productions she has danced alongside international artists such as Stepan Pechar, Sergei Keylik and Francesco Mariottini.  Denise won 2 scholarships abroad which entitled her to 4 days at Riccione for a summer workshop at Academia Antonella Bartolacci in August 2014 and 2 weeks at Turin with Pompea Santoro’s Eko Dance Project dancers in April 2016.  Denise also won the MIDCE teen contemporary solo competition in March 2015.

Denise’s most recent BTDA exam is the Advanced Foundation in Jazz which she passed with a Platinum Distinction in June 2016.