Eurovision inspired new book by Gerard James Borg

Gerard James Borg – the known songwriter in the Eurovision arena – has just dropped his latest novel…. And it’s Eurovision inspired! After writing over fifty songs that competed in national selections around Europe, seven songs that went on to represent Malta and Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest, and a near-win with Ira Losco’s “7th Wonder, it looks like Gerard is trailblazing the bestseller list with successful novels. His previous novels – “Sliema Wives” and “Madliena Married Men” – have both made it to the number 1 spot and caused some ripples of controversy.

His third book – “BORMLA BABES – Behind-The-Scenes” – looks like it could keep up the success of his other novels. Only, this time there is a Eurovision-related theme thrown in the exciting mix of his juicy novel.  It is a fast-paced entertaining drama/thriller fizzing with scandals which take the reader on trip into the glittering and cut-throat world of the music industry.

Three beautiful girls have been turned into the hottest girl-group Malta has ever seen. All has been secretly set for the Bormla Babes to win the national song selection and represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest.

As backstage dramas and back-stabbing unfold, hyper scandals make the 8 O’clock news, and artists are publicly shamed, the author takes us on a rollercoaster ride through a shimmering plot with disturbing twists. Apart from the three main characters – three beautiful and ambitious girls – the characters include a shady media mogul who helms ALPHA-TV , his swizzle-stick wife, a bitter vocal coach, a closeted gay singer, an acclaimed pop-princess, and a cold-blooded psychopath who brutally attacks women and kills them.

Popular Eurovision artists like Claudia Faniello, Morena, and Ludwig Galea, have endorsed the book with phrases like: “Purely addictive, and packed with juicy scandals”, “Gerard has kept his notebook handy!”, “Endlessly intriguing. It will keep you up all night…”

All the characters in the book are of course the work of the author’s imagination. However, the book mentions actual venues, and gives passing mentions to several known artists. It might be fun to try and guess from where the author gets some of his ideas.

Bormla Babes: Behind-The-Scenes has been released a few days ago, and the steamy online video clip has already sparked off a lot of intrigue and curiosity. The book promises to bring you ….  MORE than you imagine!

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