The Finalists are announced

The judges have cast their votes and so have the public. 6 participants have not made it to the final, however here are the 14 that will be performing tomorrow.


Still Here – Franklin

Rush – Christabelle (Christabelle Borg)

Fandango – Jessika

Closed Doors – Chris Grech

12, Baker Street – Karen Debattista

Something In The Way – Daniel Testa

Breakaway – Glen Vella

The One That You Love – Lawrence Gray

It’s OK – Deborah C.

Beautiful to me – L-Aħwa

Warrior – Amber

Chasing A Dream – Trilogy (Eleanor Spiteri, Roger Tirazona & Ludwig Galea)

Once in a While – Dominic

Love & Let Go – Ekklesia Sisters


These are the ones that did not make it through.


Close Your Eyes – Danica Muscat

Sectrely – Corazon Mizzi

Stop Haunting Me – Raquel Galdes

Take Me As I Am – Domenique Azzopardi

Home – Lyndsay Pace

Could Have Been Me – Iona Dalli