Finally the wait is over…#Taboo music video will be out tonight

On the 3rd February, Malta crowned Christabelle as the winner of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with her song Taboo.

During the last 4 weeks an intensive process started in order to come up with a video concept, film it, edit the footage and today will see the final product. The production team had very intense and challenging filming sessions, especially when wind, rain and cold battered on them.

Filming took place in 4 different locations with the presence of around 200 extras for a total of more than 72hrs of filming.

The concept behind the music video was to represent different factions of society and their own personal struggles. Their leaders are exploiting their weaknesses by forcing them to battle each other, whilst exposing them to the emperor, a representative of the society which decides to blindly judge the tribes in the video. The cheering crowd symbolises individuals who would rather choose to believe the prejudices in society, rather than forming their own opinion.

The box is a representation of the state of mind one goes through when fighting his personal battles. Christabelle willingly enters the ring, on a mission to break the taboo and leads the rest of the factions to winning over their own personal struggles, without the fear of seeking help.

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