Firelight on their way to Russia to promote “Coming Home”

Firelight shall be joining a number of Eurovision artists to promote their song “Coming Home” in Moscow, Russia.  The Russian Eurovision Party will be held at one of the most popular fashionable restaurants called Karlson, on Sunday 20th April 2014 right in heart of the capital city of Moscow,  just one kilometre away from the famous Red Square.

The party will attract a large number of Russian and foreign media and will be shown on several Russian speaking TV channels in a number of former Russian countries. The TV channels will include First Channel, Channel Russia, Moscow 24, HTB, TV Rain, RT Russia Today and MTV Russia. Other media present for the show includes Radio Love, OK Magazine which is one of the most popular weekly celebrity magazines, newspapers and web media.

The list of invited guests includes Philip Kirkorov, Ani Lorak, Dima Bilan, Alex Sparrow, Svetlana Lobodaб, t.A.T.u, Dmitry Koldun and others.  Along with Firelight from Malta, there will also be Valentina Monetta representing San Marino with her song “Maybe”, Dilara Kazimova from Azerbaijan who will perform “Start A Fire”, Cristina Scarlat from Moldova with “Wild Sould”, Teo who will represent Belarus with his song “Cheesecake”, Mei Feingold who comes all the way from Israel to participate with her song “Same Heart”, and last but not least, The Tolmachevy Sisters who will represent Russia with their song Shine.  Maria and Anastasia Tolmachevy are mostly known for their winning performance in the 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with their song “Spring Jazz”

This year the organizers will make an unusual presentation during the party.  A unique art object will unite all the guests to bring to Europe one common message – the hearts of the Russians are open.  Throughout the evening, the guests will melt the ice blocks to form an enormous symbolic heart of Europe with the flags of all the countries of Europe.  This symbol will be carried by the Tolmachevy sisters in Copenhagen as a gift from the entire country to symbolise peace and unity.

The event is being organised by the media agency Graffa in collabotation with the EBU and OGAE Russia.

Firelight - Coming Home (Malta)
Valentina Monetta - Maybe (San Marino)
Dilara Kazimova - Start A Fire (Azerbaijan)
Cristina Scarlat - Wild Sould (Moldova)
Teo - Cheesecake (Belarus)
Mei Feingold - Same Heart (Israel)
Maria and Anastasia Tolmachevy - Shine (Russia)