Meet tonight’s hosts; Lyona and Daniel

Lyona Xuereb

Lyona is a presenter and producer in the local entertainment scene. Lyona started off her TV career as a model on the weekly TV shows “Tista Tkun Int” and “Showtime”. She has also been involved with the yearly Christmas show “L-Istrina”, mainly presenting the games.

Since then she has produced two movies, namely “Maltageddon”, which is regarded as the first local blockbuster, and “Maltaforce”.  She has also been involved in the production of a local TV series.


Daniel Chircop

Through his career Daniel has worked as floor manager, production assistant, producer, cameraperson, assistant director and script writer and director for a wide range of local TV commercials.  His portfolio includes several productions ranging from satirical programmes to comedy, mostly known for the several characters played on TV.

Daniel pursued his drama studies locally and took part in several local theatrical productions.  Additionally he has also worked in films as a production assistant in ‘Julius Caesar’ and ‘Troy’ and as assistant director in a feature film called “Malta George Cross”.


daniel and lyona

Report: Daniel d’Anastasi