Ira’s Eurovision rehearsals begin with team in Malta

Maltese Eurovision 2016 representative Ira Losco yesterday began her intensive week of rehearsals before heading to Stockholm this weekend.

Creative Director Stephane Boko is leading the rehearsals of the on-stage performance with Ira and her dancer, Skorpion. Boko has worked on music projects with  Celine Dion, choreographed the new version of the Starmania opera (Luc Plamondon & Michel Berger) in Canada, and has worked with Cirque du Soleil as well as on opening ceremonies for major sporting events.

Rehearsals In Malta

Ira’s backing singers are also in Malta for the rehearsals, although for Pamela Bezzina & Anna Azzopardi the journey wasn’t so long. Swedes Lars Safsund and Molly Peterson-Hammer however flew in to Malta on Sunday evening for the week’s schedule.

Australian stylist Alex Zabotto-Bentley, who is designing Ira’s dress for Eurovision, arrives in Malta later this week. The dress for the stage performance has been the subject of many Skype conversations over the past couple of months since Alex returned home after being in Malta for the shooting of the preview video. The costume itself however is currently in Stockholm, with SVT using it for the stand-in rehearsals currently taking place at the Globe Arena. Zabotto is a style expert for Australia’s Next Top Model, and has also worked with Prince, Kylie Minogue, and Lady Gaga.

“I’m really happy and excited now that everything is coming together,” says Ira. “I did the preview events alone on stage so it’s great now to finally be together with everyone else who will be part of the stage performance. Obviously you plan how everything will work and look, but now finally seeing things for real gets you focussed on making sure the three-minute performance is as good as it can be”.

The Maltese delegation will leave the Mediterranean island on Sunday afternoon ahead of the first rehearsal in Stockholm on 3 May.