Firelight’s second rehearsal

Today the Maltese band Firelight opened the second batch of rehearsals of the second semi-final on the big stage at the Eurovision venue in B&W Hallerne, Copenhagen.

The synergy and interaction between the band members during the first rehearsal attracted the attentions of a large number of media persons for the second rehearsal of the Maltese entry “Coming Home”.  The rehearsal was flawless with improved camera shots and close ups, and a lot of positive energy on stage.  It was evident that Firelight had a big time on stage thus connecting with the public that was present for this rehearsal.

The idea to create a video that pays tribute to the soldiers that never made it home after World War 1 was again intelligently reproduced in the backdrop by means of large meadows and poppies.  Furthermore, since the first rehearsal, the amount of selfies was increased.  Everybody in the Eurovision press centre keeps talking about the selfies idea and how Malta managed to bring many people together on stage, especially those who are far away from home.

After this successful rehearsal, Firelight held a press conference.  Most of the questions asked were related to the positive energy and the synergy among the band, both on stage and off stage.

They performed a live acoustic version of their entryComing Home” and also, at the request of some fans attending the press conference, they improvised the chorus of the Maltese first runner-up in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, “Angel” by Chiara.

Following the press conference, Firelight met with the media on an individual basis in the press lounge. Just before they left the venue to a technical rehearsal in the hotel, they bumped into the Austrian singer Conchita Wurst who congratulated them for their excellent performance on stage and for the positive energy that surrounds them.  Richard the frontman of Firelight, complimented Conchita not only for her beautiful performance on stage but also for her effort to transmit a message of tolerance and acceptance of diversity.

Meanwhile, the band later on tonight shall have their first public performance at the Euroclub, Club Vega in Copenhagen.


Daniel d’Anastasi

Malta Eurovision Head of Press

Photos: D. d’Anastasi