Malta’s Eurovision Young Musician is Kurt Aquilina

Public Broadcasting Services Ltd. will be participating for the first time in the Eurovision Young Musicians Competition, an event which is organised by the European Broadcasting Union and is held every two years.

After a call for submissions, the young talented Kurt Aquilina was selected to represent Malta in this pretigious competition which is being held in Cologne, in Germany, this May.

Kurt Aquilina was born on the 10th July 1995 in Zabbar and presently living in Paola, Malta. Kurt’s Musical journey started way back in 2007 when he started learning the guitar at the age of 11.

The live final of Eurovision Young Musicians 2014 takes place in Cologne on 31 May and will be broadcast live on TVM.

A total of 14 countries have signed up to take part in Eurovision Young Musicians this May, hitting the maximum number allowed in the format. Participating countries are Austria, Croatia,Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Moldova,The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia,Sweden and Malta.


Kurt Aquilina Biography


Kurt Aquilina was born on the 10th July 1995 in Zabbar Malta. Kurt attended Paola Primary School and Saint Thomas Moore College.

Kurt’s lessons focused on practical and theoretical classical material and his hard work in studying classical music was rewarded throughout the years by placing 1st  in a number of practical exams. Because of this success, he was invited to play in an Annual Classical Concert for 4 consecutive years. In fact he will be playing in another Classical Concert later on this year for the 5th time.

Whilst studying classical music, he also started experimenting with the electric guitar and he managed to self-learn a number of skills related with the electric guitar by practicing long hours of playing. Some of which included long 12 hour workouts to master specific guitar techniques such as legato and sweep picking.

In September 2011 he started learning Contemporary music and this paved the way for his career in the electrical guitar scene. In September 2013, he also started learning Jazz Music and Jazz Fusion.

In 2013 he played in Rockestra, a National Local Event organised by the President of Malta for charity.

In fact, this was one of the major event in which Kurt exhibited his skills on the guitar and in front of some 10,000 people, Kurt delivered a sensational performance that made the crowd appreciate Kurt’s talents.

Kurt also managed to reproduce a rock version footballing anthem of his local football club and this was played in the F.A Trophy Celebrations of this local football club.

In his early musical days, Kurt was inspired by guitar virtuosi Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. Johann Sebastian Bach was also an inspiration for Kurt.

Kurt also has a substantial repertoire on the Internet and he has established a foreign fan base from all over the world with the help of such repertoire on the internet. In fact, Kurt also knows how to record and managed to come up with collaboration videos with foreign musicians from across the world.