Minister Mallia Visits Firelight

The Minister for Home Affairs and National Security, Dr Emanuel Mallia who is also responsible for the national broadcasting station, yesterday visited the studio where the new version of the Malta Eurovision song “Coming Home” is being recorded.  During the visit Dr Mallia met with the band “Firelight” where he spent some time talking to the front man of the band Richard Edwards.

The Minister also took the opportunity to talk to the team that is working solid on the new version of the song, namely, Manolito Galea, Elton Zarb, Arturo Pellegrini and Maurizio Campo.  Both Pellegrini and Campo explained the changes that they were applying to the song to give it a fresher and more contemporary sound in order to please the ears of a larger audience. Even though the song is primarily a mix of folk and country music, they assured the Minister that the new version will be liked by many Eurovision fans.  The Minister was happy to hear parts of the new version of “Coming Home” and complimented the team for their good efforts to send the best possible product on the big Eurovision stage in Copenhagen.  He has emphasized the importance of music production on our islands and has also spoken about the importance of exporting our music abroad. took a short comment from Pellegrini and Campo.  They explained that they were recording all the vocals and instruments from scratch in order to give the song more quality and a more professional sound.  “The original version is more acoustic.  We would like to keep the idea of a folk country song, but we are going to give the song a more modern sound, thus making it more popular on an international dimension” explained Campo. “This song is not a typical Eurovision Song and that is what will make it popular.  What we are doing at the moment is to integrate an electronic digital sound experience while making sure that we keep to the original concept.” continued Pellegrini.   

The Chief Executive Officer of PBS Ltd. and Head of Delegation of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest Mr Anton Attard was also present for the meeting.  Attard explained that the changes being applied to the song are an essential part of the process to send the best possible entry to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Meanwhile the new version of the song as well as the accompanying lyric video are expected to be launched during a promotional event on Monday evening.