Tonight is a fairytale


Deborah C and Josef gave a very colourful performance with bright visuals and even brighter smiles. Deborah  and Josef strolled around the stage romantically with an occasional swirl or twirl making everyone feel cheerful. The fairytale feel did not end here. Deborah  wandered around the stage like a modern adaptation of a princess wearing a beautiful pure white dress and classic camel boots. Josef followed like a doublet should, wearing a waistcoat and suit like a proper gentleman.
The sweet and cheerful song, titled Tonight was written by Angie Laus, Primoz Poglajen, Jonas Gladnikof, James Down and composed by Jonas Gladnikoff, Michael James Down, Primoz Poglajen, Sara Ljunggren.



Photos:- Jonathan Brincat, Manuela Camilleri, Danica Luana Ellul, David Mallia, Dixon Vella, Jennie Scicluna.