WATCH: Student cries when Christabelle spoke on mental health problems

Emotional moments in Lisbon as Christabelle was delivering a message of hope and courage to university students for those passing through mental health problems.

At one moment, a Dutch student stood up and started crying, with Christabelle immediately approaching her among the audience and hugged her. The Maltese singer was speaking on the way to address mental health problems, an experience she faced, and with her song Taboo she is trying to provide support to those experiencing such situation and encouraging them to seek professional assistance.

The activity was held at the research centre of Lisbon University, in collaboration with the Portuguese Health Ministry with the aim that the Maltese singer will deliver a message with Taboo song, which she will interpret at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Christabelle sang the acoustic version of Taboo in front of university students, while recorded message were shown by Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne and President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca who augured the Maltese singer and praised the work she is doing on mental health.

Professor Caldas de Almeida stated that 22% of the Portuguese population suffers from mental health problems. He thanked Christabelle who is giving a voice to the issue which is also stigmatized.