Aidan – Dai Laga

Young, bubbly and energetic are some words to describe AIDAN, a new participant to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest.

AIDAN’s song, ’Dai Laga’ brings a fresh tropical, Caribbean sound to the MESC. In addition to its unique sound, the song also dares to speak about the frustration that the expectations of today’s society brings on teenagers and young adults. With his first entry at MESC, AIDAN seeks to send a message that it is okay to speak about your true feelings and downfalls.

When discussing his future plans, AIDAN, explains “I plan to share my style and sense of music with the general public and I would like to have an impact on the local as well as the international music scenes. I feel so blessed to be able to express myself, and my ongoing thoughts and emotions through lyrics and music composition”

One of the best moments in AIDAN’s musical career was his Eurovision Mashup of 2017 which surprisingly went viral in both local and international Eurovision communities. More recently, AIDAN released two singles ‘BON BON’ and ‘Drums’ which both reached number one in the local charts.

AIDAN gets his musical inspiration from artists such as Anne-Marie, Guy Sebastian, Rita Ora and Justin Bieber amongst others. His music is also often inspired by his surroundings and life experiences, prompting him to channel his emotions into songs.

AIDAN is an avid fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, as he believes that it is one of the best channels where one can listen to different music originating from different cultures. Having watched the show religiously since he was very young, AIDAN is now ecstatic to be participating in this year’s edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest.