Avenue Sky – We Can Run


Avenue Sky is a 6-member local boy band formed in the beginning of 2016. The members are: Kevin (34), Karl (30), Clive (26), Andy (26), Joseph (24) and Aidan (17). All members are professionally trained soloists. Individually, each member has different experiences ranging from participating in various festivals on the island, and also hit singles which have managed to make it to the top of local radio charts. As a group, Avenue Sky has worked on cover versions and also on original material. Their first single, FireStorm, was on the local radio charts last summer.

The differences in age, opinions and individual musical genres are what make their music even more special, since the group manages to bring out the best in each and every member. This is reflected in the music that they create together and their shared aim to entertain their audiences.

The band looks forward to perform during the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, which is definitely a showcase of some the best talent on the island.

Avenue Sky’s entry, ‘We Can Run,’ is a song with an uplifting message that shows that you must never lose hope. You must never give up.  As long as there is blood in your veins and air in your lungs, you will surely be able to rise again and keep on running through life. You will find the strength to keep on going and be proud of who you are. The music and lyrics of the song are full of positive energy which the boys hope to share with their audience.