Breathlessly – Claudia Faniello


Composers:- Philip Vella/Sean Vella 

Authors:- Gerard James Borg


Meet Claudia Faniello:-

Claudia’s career is one big rollercoaster of so many beautiful and different emotions. It kicked off with Malta Song for Europe back in 2006, and throughout opened so many doors for her which led to some really exciting opportunities. She grabbed every opportunity that came along – both personal and professional ones.

In between she has been blessed to experience several musical journeys which have given her the opportunity to work with so many talented people and she also wrote her own music which includes several singles and one album later. Claudia looks back with satisfaction at all the colour music has painted her life with.

Passion, music, and that very same emotion brought her back to the Malta Eurovision song contest stage this year with a song that is very special to her. “Breathlessly” literally took her breath away from the very first day she listened to it… and it lit the fire inside her with an urge to make a comeback to the contest after her runner up entry – “Pure.”

She feel “Breathlessly” captures so many special emotions in just one song. She said that, “If it manages to touch people the way it has touched me, then I will be happy. After all, the most beautiful things in this world need to be felt with the heart.”