Don’t Look Down – Miriana Conte


Composer:- Cyrpian Cassar


Meet Miriana Conte:-

Miriana always showed a passion for singing according to her mother. She always narrates a funny story that highlights her eagerness to sing from a very young age…when she was about one and a half years old, back when Ira Losco represented Malta in 2002 in Talinn Estonia, her mother used to go to do the groceries, the shop keeper would put her on a high stool and she would sing the song 7th wonder. Later on, when she was five she started singing lessons and vocal training. Miriana joined La voix academy school of performing arts at the age of twelve.  Participated in a number of local and International festivals throughout her journey, some of these festivals are Sanremo Junior finals, Una stella sta nascendo’, Tra sogno e’ realta. These were an important part of her journey as they helped her to gain more confidence and experience.

What she finds special about her song entry ‘Don’t Look Down’ is that it portrays the story of her past and scholastic years when she overcame bullying. When composing the song with Matt Muxu Mercieca she expressed her emotions on how she presently feel about her potential and self-esteem, showing that she was strong enough to get through rough times, and feel empowered and courageous as the person she is today.

Miriana said that, “Considering this is the first time that she applied for the contest, being chosen with the final sixteen is already a huge step for me. However now that I am in the competition, I am willing to work hard to give my best performance and deliver a message to the audience through my song and most importantly enjoy myself during the three minutes that I’ve got.“

Her inspiration mostly comes from very talented and big singers such as Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, and Jessie J, as they all have particularly unique sounds which never fail to impress her.

The message she would like to deliver to everyone listening to her song is, “ that no matter what happens in life you must not let anyone take your crown away from you. Safeguard your potentials and believe in yourself and others will believe in you. The worst thing you could do during tough times is to look down on yourself. Always keep your head up and live a life you will remember. “

An interesting fact about her is that apart from singing, she also love acting. As a matter of fact, throughout secondary school she used to take part in the school plays. Mariana’s father is Italian, and whilst growing up he and her late grandmother influenced her with a lot of Italian tastes in music. She was obsessed about Indian and Moroccan textures, designs and food. She is very afraid of the dark and a huge animal lover.

The Eurovision song contest is something she has been following since she can remember and with great interest. Each year she would learn all the songs by heart and hope that one day her song would be one of them, and this year her dream come true.

She is very excited to be taking the stage after years of watching all local artists on television doing their performances and most importantly having fun on stage. Whilst being very excited for the contest she is curious looking forward to get the feel of what goes on during the preparations.

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