Fearless – Rhiannon Micallef


Composer:- Cyprian Cassar

Author:- Rhiannon Micallef

Meet Rhiannon Micallef:-

Rhiannon’s passion for music has grown with her since a very tender age. The dedication she has shown to her craft has cultivated a voice unique to contemporary music in Malta.

Eight years ago, under the intensive tutorship of Joshua Alamu at Mad About The Voice, she started her SLS (Speech-Level-Singing) training. Alamu has previously coached success stories Fleur East and Little Mix, amongst others.  She has since pursued piano tuition and more recently started composing and writing her own music. Rhiannon has been a contestant in numerous local and foreign festivals, whilst she remains a resident member of Animae Gospel Choir, under Pamela Bezzina’s direction.

‘Take A Look’, Rhiannon’s first single, made it to #1 on 89.7 BAY. Since then, she a met with Cyprian Cassar, the composer and producer of Tenishia fame, who soon became a mentor and close friend. This collaboration led towards Rhiannon’s Eurovision submission for 2017, the first of her career.

Fearless presents a variety of tempo, beat and harmony. Composed and penned by Rhiannon and Cyprian, this R’n’B piece is a personal reflection that exposes the soul in her unique voice.  There will be a significant message in those three minutes on stage; one of empowerment and stature. This is an investigation of personal experiences and an intimate expression of who Rhiannon is – on that stage her passion, becomes her escape.

Eurovision is Rhiannon’s first major project for 2017, however there remain other projects she hopes to pursue. Laid-back, humble and rooted in self-discovery, Rhiannon has a voice that will provide solace and silence audiences. Aimed at intrinsic conceptual discovery, her music promises to be empathic and deeply personal.