Fighting to Survive – Cherton


Composers:- Dean Muscat/Boris Cezek

Author:- Dean Muscat/Boris Cezek


Meet Cherton Caruana:-

While she may be new to the Eurovision scene, Cherton is an experienced local singer who tries to find a balance between her passion for music and her commitment to her real estate profession.

As a child, Cherton always showed a passion for performing and took part in various school productions. Encouraged to take vocal lessons from an early age, she formed part of Doreen Galea’s choir at the age of 10 and was soon taking part in a number of competitions. The very first competition Cherton took part in was Mini Miss International organised by Modelle International. This debut appearance couldn’t have gone better, as Cherton placed first, winning the title of Mini Miss International. After such a positive start, Cherton went on to take part in various other shows and festivals as well as having a few roles on local TV programmes. A few years later Cherton was also a contestant on the popular local TV talent shows Bravi and Sfida.

In her teens, Cherton auditioned successfully for a scholarship at a school of performing arts in Cambridge (UK). Despite not being able to take the place due to other commitments, this offer boosted Cherton’s determination to focus on her musical career.

A number of big life events, including the passing of her beloved grandmother, indirectly led Cherton to take some time off from music to focus on her personal life. However, after a surprise performance of the classic Etta James song At Last – dedicated to her husband during their wedding a year ago – Cherton was inspired to take up singing and performing again. Many of her friends and colleagues were completely unaware of her talent and encouraged her to work on this talent she was so clearly good at.

Over the last year, Cherton has found a renewed energy for music and is currently the resident singer on the ever-popular TV panel show Xarabank. While she always dreamed of taking part in Eurovision, circumstances never seemed to align. However, by a chance meeting, Cherton met songwriting team Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat who felt they had a perfect song for her. After re-working the song alongside producer Kenny D’Ugo to better suit Cherton’s voice and style, Fighting to Survive was completed in just a few weeks before the local submission dates. Despite only having met a few weeks before the deadline, the song has already fought its way all the way to the local finals.

Fighting to Survive is a song of empowerment and through her performance Cherton hopes that it will inspire people to find their inner strength and stand up to fight for what they believe in.

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