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Composers:- Kevin Borg / Simon Gribbe

Authors:- Kevin Borg / Simon Gribbe

Meet Kevin Borg:-

Kevin started his career on Maltese Tv afternoon show, Kalamita hosted by Alfred Zammit, as a resident singer. From then on he never looked back and his musical career flourished when he won the fifth series of the Swedish Pop Idol.

Kevin managed to win the hearts of the Swedes where he was crowned the winner of the Swedish Idol on Tv4 by more than 85% of the votes and the first in the show’s history to be born outside of Sweden.

From then on he continued achieving more prestige prizes such as the Northern Personality of the year (Årets Norrbottning), Arvisjdjaur’s Personality of the year, best male Maltese artist and many more…

More great things followed as he toured in many places around the world with over 400 concerts. Kevin wrote and produced 7 most sold albums in Japan and he managed to achieve a Platinum Album, Platinum Single, Gold Album and Gold Single, 7 Number Ones on the Itunes top chart in various countries around the world having sold more than a million copies altogether.

He has the 20th most sold song in the world (Sweat) with such artists as Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry trailing behind and he reached a number one on the biggest music charts in the world – The World Billboard Chart.

Kevin wrote and produced his previous entry Needing You together with great colleagues and has over 2,5 million listeners altogether on Spotify as well !

Kevin is very connected to his fans as help him to keep his feet on the ground. Being a humble person helped alot to with his successful career.

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