Follow Me – Franklin Calleja

Composers:- Cyprian Cassar/Ivan Grech

Authors:- Ivan Grech/Muxu

Meet Franklin Calleja:-

Ever since he could babble his way through a sentence, Franklin Calleja felt that something great awaited him, and his voice would prove to be one of his greatest assets, going so far as to promise to himself that someday he would make himself known through the media’s various means.

Good things come to those who wait, but instead of waiting Franklin applied himself and underwent several years of training to perfect his singing technique and style; so far everything has worked out for its best and the work accomplished by Franklin has paid off greatly. In 2012 Franklin was proclaimed as the winner of that same year’s edition of NET Television’s hit program “Don’t Stop Me Now” – a competition which proved to be arduous at times.

This was one of his achievements along-side other highlights such as performing in national events like; Gensna, Rockestra, and stepping on the stage of the ‘Malta Eurovision’

Inspired by the likes of Whitney Houston, Matt Terry, and Leona Lewis, Franklin has allowed for these artists to impart on him various styles and genres which have helped him to build a repertoire coloured with versatility.

He admits that ‘Follow Me’ is a very special entry with a strong message of hope, one with which many will associate with. ‘Follow Me’ deals with issues such as sickness, loneliness and vulnerability; emphasising the importance of hope in such difficult situations. Franklin wishes to transmit to the audience a sense of closeness and empathy with the hopes that his voice will provide comfort to those who are currently going through a difficult period.

The arts have become such an integral part of Franklin’s life that he has also incorporated various other forms as leisure activities, such include: drawing and sketching, photo modelling, and also acting. Fashion and a keen eye for all things avant-garde have made it possible for Franklin to also develop a sense of style which outstands him.

Currently, Franklin is a regular singer on Angie Laus’s immensely popular Sunday afternoon show “Hadd Ghalik!” – entertaining both the studio-audience and televiewers alike with some of the best known pop hits.

The future is ample with opportunity which Franklin is more than willing to take advantage of. He hopes to be able to one day represent our tiny island on the international Eurovision song contest stage, whilst also pursuing a career as a singer in his own right.

Franklin would like to express his extreme gratitude towards his fans, thanking them heartly for their constant support. Franklin assures his fans that he will continue on this path of learning and improving in order to become the very best he can, holding close to his heart any feedback given inorder to further his career.

“Determination coupled with a dream… that’s all it takes!” – Franklin.

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