Jasmine – Supernovas


Jasmine is 18 years old. Her passion has always been singing and she strongly believes that music unites us all and can help you get through any situation. Jasmine has been professionally vocal coached for the past 5 years by Joshua Alamu. The beginning of her career took off from a TV programme and from there onwards her determination and ambition to pursue her dream, that is doing well in the music industry, grew even stronger.

Some of her career highlights include performing in front of the queen during the Chogm Opening Ceremony 2015, Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016,  Rockestra 2016,  50 Years of Maltese Music, Djamanti Mużikali, performing at The Forum of University of Hertforshire, London and various other prestigious events.

Every year Jasmine goes to London for an intensive bootcamp to further continue her musical studies including performing skills, vocal technique, song writing and so on.

One of her wishes was being one of the participants in MESC and it happened in 2016 with the song ‘Alive’. Jasmine felt ecstatic when she got through to semi-finals, and she felt even more ecstatic when she got through to finals. The final night was on her birthday and she couldn’t have had a better 17th birthday! She was extremely happy with the end result, that of placing 6th.

This year Jasmine took a risk by submitting the same song which didn’t make it through to finals the year before, called SUPERNOVAS. The reason why she submitted SUPERNOVAS again is because of her strong belief in the message that the song carries, and obviously the song itself. SUPERNOVAS is about the world coming together as one, with all our differences set aside and working hand in hand to fight against bad circumstances, turning them into something good.

No matter what the situation is, if you aim for something, don’t let anything stop you, once you believe in it and you work for it, you can do it! Having the opportunity to be part of MESC for the second time makes her feel humbled, grateful, excited and she literally cannot wait to share her song, performance and journey with all of you in the coming months.