Kewkba – Janice Mangion

Composer:- Mark Scicluna

Author:- Emil Calleja Bayliss


Meet Janice Mangion:-

At the tender age of 12, Janice Mangion showed a keen interest in music, and as a result took up singing lessons before turning her attention to the piano during her teenage years. One of her first milestones came in 2007, when she joined the cast of the successful television show “L-Isfida”.

In recent years, Janice has managed to scale the heights of the local music industry by virtue of being a member of the ‘Animae Gospel Choir’ and also reaching the finals of the “Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza” where finished in 3rd place on her second appearance in 2011, “L-Għanja tal-Poplu”, “The Summer Hit Song Contest”, and also the “Malta Eurovision Song Contest”.

The latter was an experience which she will always keep close to her heart, and one which she would go on to replicate as a backing vocalist in 2013, accompanying Kevin Borg during his runner-up performance of “Needing You”.

At the end of 2016, Janice received the news that her entry “Kewkba” reached the final of the “Malta Eurovision Song Contest”, therefore marking her second appearance in the local national final as a soloist.

This song means the world to her for the simple reason that it conveys a beautiful message which people can relate to, knowing that there’s always someone looking for you whatever the situation or the circumstance.

That said, Janice finds it all the more special knowing that she is delivering the lyrics in Maltese, a first for any song in the “Malta Eurovision Song Contest” since the early nineties where each song had to be presented in both Maltese and English.

With “Kewkba”, Janice would like to show off the beauty of her native language by promoting it to a wider audience. She sincerely hopes that fans of the music competition appreciate this sentiment, and help in spreading Maltese.

Janice’s undying love towards the Eurovision Song Contest has been exhibited in the past, having gone on record stating that “Molitva”, the winning entry of 2007, is one of her favourite songs of all-time. She had the opportunity to meet the songwriter of the same track during the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest held in Malta.