Laserlight – Klinsmann


Composers:- Dreher Emanuel/Stefan Moessle

Author:- Mathias Strasser

Meet Klinsmann Coleiro:-

Music has always been there to get him through the thoughest times of his life, and when everyone failed to be there he always found his passion there to support him. For this reason he could say that his biggest life accomplishments were all surrounded to music.

The biggest highlight of his career so far was performing live in Manchester with English singer and songwriter Ella Eyre in the presence of English actor and comedian David Walliams. Nonetheless he can never forget hie first accomplishment in the Malta Eurovision song contest way back in 2007 sealing third place at the age of 16 which was the start of his musical career.

This year song “Laserlight” is a very catchy song with a feel good vibe. He love the fact that when you listen to the song you’d want to get up and dance. This  track  is very different compared to his recent tracks with his band Planet Seed. It’s a new style of music for him and he is looking forward to giving his 100% to his singing this year.

Klinsman feels that it would do well abroad if given the opportunity to represent Malta. However his main focus for this year is to enjoy it and let the audience have fun. He want s people to smile and dance around when listening to “Laserlight”.

His life experiences and his loved ones are generally the centre of his inspiration. He mainly get inspired to write songs when I`m driving,  when he travels or while I`m playing or jamming with his band.

He would like to take this special opportunity to thank his fans. Without them, he would have never gotten this far in his singing career. He genuinely appreciates the constant feedback, support and their belief in him. His message to his fans is, “Thank you for being there in every step of the way. Without you I am nothing!”

The Eurovision has always been very close to his heart. As he was growing up he always followed the contest year after year with great excitment.

As a young boy he always wondered what it would be like to take part and represent my country. He is therefore super excited to have the opportunity to be back on stage to sing and hopefully win.

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