Lawrence Gray – Love Renegade


Lawrence Gray is an artist that has been around for some time. He achieved a lot in Malta and abroad with his musical career. He won a number of prestigious and important festivals in Malta. The only festival yet to win is the Malta Eurovision Song Contest to have the honour to represent Malta. For Lawrence winning the Malta Eurovision Song Contest is the highlight in his career, a dream yet to be achieve. He told us that he will never give up for it’s a big dream of his.

This year his entry is special for Lawrence because it is completely out of his comfort zone, and he is sure that the audience is going to be blown away when they hear him sing this song. He believes that people will not recognise his singing.

Lawrence admitted with us that he will do his utmost to win this year’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest. He is really working hard for it to happen.

Lately he is getting all his inspiration from his son. He told us that his son gives him strength to carry on and whatever he does, dedicates it to him. His words were, ‘There is nothing better than the love of a loving family.’

Lawrence believes that people still admire his work as an artist, as such they will consider giving him the chance to be able to represent Malta.  His entry in this year’s festival was the result of a good advice from a good friend of his. He was suggested to experiment with different choice of music.

His relationship with the Malta Eurovision Song Contest goes back a long way. He has been at least twice so close to be the winner in 1999 and 2003. During these festival he made lots of friends and he loves the show so much that he misses it when am not taking part in it ,

It means a lot to him but most of all for him and believes that one-day Malta can win this prestigious festival.