Miriana Conte – Rocket


Miriana Conte is 16 years old, the youngest contestant this year. She is studying to achieve an advanced diploma in Performing Arts. This is the second time Miriana is taking part in the Malta Eurovision song contest, after last year’s participation with the song ‘Don’t look down’. She has been singing from the age of 5 and always kept great interest towards singing. At a young age, she started taking part in major Italian song festivals such as San Remo Junior, Una Stella Sta Nascendo and Io Canto. Miriana says that these experiences taught her a lot about the music industry and helped her to grow as an artist.

Miriana is currently being mentored by Pamela Bezzina at Vocal Booth Studios. Even though Miriana is only 16 years old, she has been through enough to write songs with a powerful message to deliver. Her song this year, Rocket, strives to deliver a powerful and inspiring message to the listeners and hopes to make an impact on people passing through heartbreak and rejection to get back up on their two feet, keep their head up and keep on going. Most importantly, the Rocket symbolises that you should always aim higher than the sky and never give up on your dreams no matter the situation you’re in, everything is possible if you believe in yourself.

The Eurovision song contest is something that Miriana has always been following from a very young age and has always showed great interest in it. Each year she would learn all the songs by heart and hope that one day her song would be one of them. After being chosen last year at the age of sixteen with the finalists andbeing chosen for the second time is the most heart-warming feeling ever, Miriana describes. She is very excited to be taking the stage after last years’ experience, as she describes it as being an amazing, over whelming, challenging, full of fun and adrenaline experience! Whilst being very excited for the contest once again, she is looking forward to have fun with the other talented contestants, and feels mostly the excitement throughout the preparations. Whatever the result, this is surely going to be, again, one of the greatest experience of her career!