Ray of Light – Raquela


Composers:- Dean Muscat/Boris Cezek
Author:- Dean Muscat/Boris Cezek

Meet Raquela Dalli Gonzi:-

Raquela is a Maltese singer, composer and songwriter who has become a familiar face on the local music scene. Music has always been a part of Raquela’s life. She studied violin as a child and went on to develop her vocal and music abilities in the Music Ensemble at the University of Malta. Throughout her teens, Raquela was involved in many concerts including the St. Aloysius College soirees and also became a fan favourite at Voices, the biannual music concerts organised for philanthropic causes.

Over the course of her music career, Raquela has performed at a number of international music events including a guest performance with Italian superstar Gigi D’Alessio on one of his tours in Turin. In July 2010, she was also given the honour of performing alongside well established foreign and local artists including Riccardo Cocciante, Dionne Warwick and the tenor Joseph Calleja, with whom she performed a much-lauded interpretation of the song Vivo Per Lei originally sung by Andrea Bocelli. She has also performed at many of Malta’s biggest music events including Teatru Unplugged, Rockestra, the Farsons Beer Fest as well as the annual Independence concert. Locally Raquela has collaborated with popular trance duo Tenishia and she also is part of the group Pilgrim & King.

The Malta Eurovision Song Contest has been a big part of Raquela’s musical journey. She first participated in 2009 with the song Crossroads then returned to the competition in 2011 with the power ballad If I Could Do It All Again, making it to the finals and placing fifth.

Her latest entry Ray of Light is an acoustic ballad written by Dean Muscat and Boris Cezek. It is a song Raquela has been looking forward to sharing live as it offers a message of hope, courage and love.  “As soon as I heard the song I immediately agreed to record it for Eurovision because it is an inspiring song that I immediately could relate to. It was important for me to sing a song that conveys something hopeful and positive, especially given the current times. For me, it offers the most inspiring of messages, one of love and understanding, and that is something I can connect to every time I sing it.”


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