Seconds Away – Jade


Composers:- Simon Gribbe/Kevin Borg

Authors:-  Simon Gribbe/Kevin Borg

Meet Jade Vella:-

Jade Vella is a young talented Singer and Dancer. Her inspiration started from a very young age following after her dad’s footsteps as an established entertainer singer and dancer.

Although Jade is still undergoing her vocal and dance studies, local and Internationally, at VocalBooth Studios under the mentoring and vocal coaching of Mr Glen Vella, with highly distinction examinations obtained, Jade has already took part in major local concerts, recording backings vocals  for the JESC 2016 held in Malta, directed by renowned singer and vocal arranger Ms Pamela Bezzina and singing competitions by obtaining first in Romania in 2015 and one to mention the MJESC 2006 as a finalist and the JESC its self of same year as a backing vocal and dancer held in Belarus. To add to Jades success this year, ending up as a finalist in the MESC 2017.

Jades song entry this year, named ”Seconds Away” penned and composed by renowned artist and song writer Kevin Borg (a finalist himself in this year’s edition too) and popular Swedish Composer Simon Gribbe. An avant-garde, current, up tempo RnB song with Eurovision influences. Although song was not written by the singer herself, she has build up her song with mentioned producers to tailor the song and get the best of her abilities and vocals. The song is about Teenage Love.

Although of a tender age, Ending up in the finals of a prestigious local music competition, already means a lot. Jade will be venturing this occasion to further her experience and grasp the opportunity to be in touch and make the most of it to offer the audience, spectators and her fans her ability of artistry of singing and dancing.

The Eurovision song Contest for Jade means a great opportunity for each and every artist, a unique showcase as it is followed by millions of audiences round the globe with many fans running after all interesting songs which can achieve more in there carrier even if not winning.

Jades message to her fans is to keep up following her upcoming material which will be continuing after this major competition and thanking them for their support even though at an early stage. ‘Keep smiling, keep singing’.