Tiziana – First Time


Tiziana has been involved in a number of productions both as an actor and as a singer for these past twenty years and has worked on several local TV series and variety shows as a singer and actor. Tiziana has been teaching and working with several Theatre Arts Schools as well as being involved in National events such as Malta Eurovision Song Malta, Notte Bianca and Rockestra. Apart from performing in cabaret shows and singing in a variety of concerts, she is still active on TV being a host or actress in local TV series.  Presently, she is the director of a Musical Theatre Group – CentreSTAGE.  A few works Tiziana has directed are ‘Lolli POP’, ‘Fil-Hemda Tal-Lejl’ and ‘Cocktails and Cabaret’.

Being the Musical Director of the Malta National Children’s Choir gives her great satisfaction in her work.  Tiziana graduated in Musical Theatre and finished her studies in London, to achieve her Diploma in Popular Music.

Back in 2010, Tiziana became the second runner up in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with her song ‘Words are Not Enough’. This year’s entry is very important for her as she took the challenge changing the style from her usual entries.   Collaborating with Tina Vidhav from Sweden is such a marvellous experience taking the fact that living far away both were able to communicate and understand the message of the song and this made ‘First Time’ even closer to her heart. Tiziana will be delivering the song putting a glimpse of what she lives for.  The passion and love for theatre and the arts.   Tiziana would like to transmit this feeling to all the viewers on the night and share her journey with everyone.  She gets her inspirations from people around her and the students she teaches in their respective disciplines.

Eurovision is a good platform for Maltese artists, living on a small island, it is one of the biggest events Malta and Gozo put up yearly.  Tiziana’s message to all her fans is to support all the singers, as they will be working really hard for this no matter what the result will be.  She promises to put all her utmost in ‘First Time’ so it would be a performance to remember.