Tonight – Deborah C / Josef Tabone

Composers:- Jonas Gladnikoff/Michael James Down/Primoz Poglajen/Sara Ljunggren

Authors:- Angie Laus/ Primoz Poglajen/ Jonas Gladnikoff/ James Down

Meet Deborah C & Josef Tabone:-

Tonight is a happy-fun song which every person can relate to. Everyone has that one person who makes you feel happy and jolly when you think about him/her. It is a song which gives a lot of positive energy and one will surely be clapping, dancing and singing to this romantic, sweet song. Tonight evokes positive feelings like love, joy and happiness.

Our ultimate goal would obviously be to have the chance and represent Malta as a duo with a catchy fun song in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. However, we hope that all the people out there will enjoy our song as much as we love singing and dancing to it. We hope to create magical memories on the night which will make you feel joyous.

We get our inspiration from a number of singers, both foreign and local artists. But this song was inspired by friendships and love.

We are very grateful to all our fans, friends and relatives for the enormous support. We feel blessed to have them in our lives. We would like to take this opportunity to dedicate our performance to all of them and we hope they will be cheering and clapping with us throughout our act. We want our fans to have fun while we are performing on stage.

We have been working on Tonight since June. Basically, Deborah received this catchy song from Angie Laus and her team, and our vocal coaches Ms Pamela Bezzina and Mr Glen Vella approached Josef and put us together. We were over the moon that it made it through the Final and that we will be sharing the stage together. This song has brought with it new friendships and plenty of people working on this song coming from different nations and cultures. Tonight is truly a song written for everyone, and it brings everyone together!

As the expression goes, it was Love at First Sight when we started following Eurovision and being in the Finals is a dream come true for every artist (Participation: Josef 2nd time, Deborah 6th time). Nowadays, Eurovision has become an opportunity for singers to showcase themselves together with the beauty of their nation. It is also a great opportunity to feel proud of a nation which always aims high to make sure Maltese local talent is placed with other top talents in Europe and around the world. It is a contest where music brings different cultures together.


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