Unstoppable – Brooke

Authors: Brooke Borg, Sara Biglert, Christian Schneider, Aidan O’Connor
Composers: Brooke Borg, Sara Biglert, Christian Schneider
Meet Brooke Borg:-

Brooke is a 23 year old singer songwriter, who persistently insisted on kicking off her career at a very young age. In fact, her parents where persuaded to enroll Brooke for ballet and singing classes when she was just 5 years. From 5-15 years of age, she went from singing in front of her mirror using hairbrushes, to participating in dance routines, school concerts and also had a number of  local TV appearances. She always wanted to impact people’s lives with her talents and this spurred her to take her career to the next level.

At just 17 years of age she left her dad’s good cooking and her mum’s pampering to move to London. With very few friends. no contacts and a lot of ambition she planned to make an impact. She started gigging, hanging around with talented musicians and people who would take her to the next level. Her vocal coach and mentor Joshua Alamu vocal coach to Little Mix, Fleur East, Beverly Knight was really helpful in improve her craft but also help find a musical direction.

In her time in London, she managed to achieve a lot. She gigged at the most prestigious London venues namely Half Moon Putney, O2 Academy, Indigo O2, Proud Camden and Ronnie Scotts (where she met her favourite actor Kevin Spacey and gave him a free album). She supported Taio Cruz at the O2, Loreen, Laura Pausini. Collaborated with Grammy Award winning songwriters in the UK and South America and released a duet with Italian Sanremo winner Tony Maiello.

She had been asked if she was interested to take part in the MESC by a number of fans, bloggers and fellow songwriters. After a growing admiration of the artists taking part and the high level of music in the past Eurovision editions she decided to write a song called Golden, in Stockholm Sweden, just 1 month before the deadlines. Brooke loves the song and it’s meaning. Golden is about not letting people’s opinions of you become your reality.It is very easy to fall in a trap of wanting to be someone else or feel uncomfortable with who you really are cause of society and their opinion. The message found its way across the Maltese Islands, and that reflected in her placing. Achieving 2nd place in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest is an achievement for Brooke, both as a songwriter and as an artist

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