You – Richard Edwards

Composer:- Richard Micallef

Author:- Richard Micallef

Meet Richard Edwards:- 

Richard Micallef was born on the Mediterranean islands of Malta in 1982. Music is something that runs through his blood and always had an important role to play in his life. His Father “Joe Goerge” also a Maltese popular artist played an important role in Richard’s musical education.

Richard started his Musical journey performing in local pubs and hotels around the island. As Richard explored his teenage years he also took a great interest in songwriting and alongside performing this became his passion in life. In 2003 Richard, Richard’s Brother Wayne and Richard’s sister Michelle formed a family band called “The Mics” and together they enjoyed many performances while also gaining lots of exposure through various local Radio and TV appearances. “The Mics” also took part in the Malta song for Europe 2003 with the song “Take me back” and also in 2005 with the Song “It’s up to you”.

In 2006, Richard ventured out of Malta to the UK. While in London, He joined a band called “Castaway” of which his role was playing the bass and singing. Richard enjoyed touring many parts of the UK with Castaway. Richard also auditioned for “The X Factor” in 2007 and he managed to get the thumbs up from Simon Cowell and make it as far as the Boot camp stages.

Stretching away from the band and Using Richard Edwards as his stage name he decided to start his solo career for the very first time in 2010. Later that year he entered the Malta Eurovision song contest with a song written by himself and Jan Van Dijck entitled “Finally”. The song placed 2nd and kick started Richards solo musical career on the Maltese music market.

In 2013 Richard got the urge to be part of a band again and so he formed the Maltese Band Firelight. The Band consists of Richard and his three Siblings Michelle Mifsud, Wayne Micallef and Daniel Micallef plus Tony Polidano and Leslie Decesare. Firelight has had their music played all around Europe as in 2014 the Band represented Malta in the Eurovision song contest with the song entitled ‘Coming Home’. The song “Coming Home” which was written by Richard placed in the top 100 ITunes charts in England, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Greece, Spain, Germany and Ireland. Firelight enjoyed further touring around Europe in 2015 promoting their album “Backdrop of Life”. Firelight is Currently Working on a second album which is expected to be released at some point in the future.

In 2016, Richard decided to revisit his separate Musical Solo career as “Richard Edwards” and released a single entitled “Burning” in July 2016. “Burning” was a summer hit on local radio stations and enjoyed a top 10 position for 8 Weeks.  Richard’s other solo single entitled “You” has been selected as one of the sixteen finalists for the Malta Eurovision song contest 2017. “You” is definitely one of Richard’s best songs to date according to some of his critics. The beauty about the song “You” is within its simplicity, a love song that can relate to many people. Richard feels that “You” doesn’t need a Big production to hide behind,  neither doesn’t need any  fancy lights and projections on stage, in fact the main focal stand out point is going to be the song itself with No gimmicks to fool the audience.

Richard would like the opportunity to thank everyone that has supported him and his music throughout the past few years and is extremely grateful to have their support along the way.

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