Young Musicians


MALTA EUROVISION Young Musicians 2016

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1.1       Public Broadcasting Services Limited is pleased to announce the Malta Eurovision Young Musicians 2016.
1.2       This contest is organized by Public Broadcasting Services Limited, hereinafter referred to as (“PBS”).
1.3       The winning artist will be eligible to represent Malta in the forthcoming edition of the Eurovision Young Musicians contest to be held in Germany between the 28th August 2016 (arrival date) and the 4th September 2016 (departure date)
1.4       The EYM is an international coproduction, in the field of classical music, gathering the finest young musicians on an international platform in front of the widest possible television audience and which is carried out under the auspices of the European Broadcasting Union (the “EBU”).



2.1       The Malta Eurovision Young Musicians 2016  (“EYM”) will consist of one phase only.
2.2       All Contestants proposed for participation in the EYM must be 19 years old maximum (i.e. they shall not turn 20 in the year of 2016).
2.3       Contestants shall be citizens of Malta or resident in Malta for at least 2 years preceding the EYM in which he/she takes part
2.4       Only solo amateur musicians not professionally engaged are allowed to enter the contest.
2.5       Prize winners of any previous editions of the EYM are not allowed to participate in the EYM or in any future editions thereof.
2.6       All types of musical instruments are permitted, as long as they have concerti written for a solo performance with orchestral accompaniment.
2.7       The music chosen by applicant for participation must not exceed 6 mins 30 seconds in duration
2.8       During the EYM, each Contestant shall perform one music piece (“Music Piece”), either a solo or a chamber music performance (only piano accompaniment is allowed), the choice being free.  No pre-recorded accompanying music is allowed.
2.9       Contestant must submit the recording of the Music Piece on CD with the application for participation.
2.10       Schedule “C” is to be completed and signed in by all contestants.
2.11     Applications should be submitted in a sealed envelope at PBS Offices in G’Mangia on the 10th May 2016,  between 09:00hrs and 12:00 hrs and between 14:00 hrs and 16:00hrs.

Applicants must make sure the sealed envelope contains the following:

  1. Fully completed Schedule C (application form).
  2. CD containing recording of Music Piece
  3. Sheet music of the music performed
  4. Detailed Curriculum vitae

2.12     Applications submitted after the 10th May 2016 at 16:00hrs deadline, or applications which do not contain any one or more of the above mentioned requirements may be disqualified.
2.13     Participation is free of charge.
2.14     PBS will appoint a jury  to assess all applicants. The Jury shall comply with the following criteria:

  1. It shall be composed of up to five members;
  2. The members shall be experts in the field
  3. None of the members of the Jury shall be connected in any way with any of the participating artists performing in the EYM, so as to ensure complete independence in their votes and impartiality.

2.15     Contestants maybe asked to perform live in front of a jury and such performance can be televised.



3.1       PBS reserves the right at any time to amend the present regulations or bring them into line with the international regulations. Where appropriate, the participants concerned will be informed. Changes to the Regulations do not give rise to any form of claim on the part of participants.
3.2       By participating in the EYM, each contestant is accepting to be bound by these terms and conditions regulating this participation. All applicants undertake to follow all the contest’s regulations and PBS directives. Any breach of these regulations may result in immediate disqualification.
3.3       Malta’s participation in the Eurovision Young Musicians 2016 is regulated by the rules governing the contest as published by the European Broadcasting Union.
3.4       The winning contestant will be required to sign a contract of participation within five (5) working days from the date of announcement of the winner. Failure to sign the required contract of participation may result in disqualification and in such circumstances PBS may opt to choose any contestant for participation in the Eurovision Young Musicians 2016.
3.5       PBS accepts no financial liability or obligation whatsoever to contestants in connection with participation in the selection process or the EYM.
3.6       All decisions taken by PBS in all stages including during the period up to the eventual participation of the winning contestant in the Eurovision Young Musicians 2016, are final, binding and non-appealable.
3.7       PBS accepts responsibility to clear rights liable with the music publisher for the winner’s performance in Cologne, and cover any supplementary hire fees as needed.




A. The winning contestant will be eligible to represent Malta in the Eurovision Young Musicians 2016.

B. PBS will cover travel and accommodation expenses of the winning contestant.

C. The winning contestant will receive €1,000 in prize money.



Important Dates:

Publishing of regulations:                  25th April 2016

Closing dates for submissions:          10th May 2016