Another day of the #DawraTond journey came to end

It was a very fun day for the kids today as first they were shown around a lemonade factory, where a number of performances took place from past Georgian JESC winners and afterwards they were taken to an indoor fun park.

While at the lemonade factory the kids where shown around the bottling plant and then they show to them how it is done.  Afterwards they had sometime to mingle on the same grounds of the factory.

Later on in the day they where taken to an indoor amusement place.  They played bowling and also had time to use the games room.  It was a full day packed with fun stuff…. Prior to our first rehearsal tomorrow morning

Very early in the morning the dancers joined the delegation and first rehearsals in the hotel took place.  All looked very confident and knew their business 🙂

Hope that you watched our live show at 7:30pm on the @Eurovision Song Malta FB page…if not here is the link


All the photos can be seen on our FB page as well @Eurovision Song Malta