Junior Eurovision

Watch video: Federica amazes the crowd in 2nd rehearsal

It was a busy day for Federica at Marsa shipbuilding, the location of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014. In her second rehearsal Federica performed beautifully on the magnificent stage. The “little girl with the very powerful voice” wore  a gold dress with a diamond-look studded belt. Federica will be performing in 15th position on Saturday.

Accompanied by Head of Delegation Daniel D’Anastasi, Elton Zarb, Matthew Mercieca and Gillian Attard, Federica reviewed the performance and then headed to a press conference.

Federica told journalists she was now more confident on television, more relaxed, and acquainted with the tricks of the trade. She said the experience of  living in the contest hotel with the other contestants had helped her make new friends. “It would not have made sense had I remained at home and just see the contestants here in Marsa,” she said.

Elton and Matthew said that the song writing process started a few months ago. Matthew Mercieca (Muxu) stated that “Federica was one of the co-writers” as her input was indispensable .  Elton exclaimed that Federica has a “unique” voice. Gillian, Elton, Matthew and Federica “worked as a team”.

When asked with whom she would like to perform in the future Federica mentioned Andrea Boccelli and Sara Brightman. Federica recently performed with Maltese tenor, Joseph Calleja.

On Saturday, Federica will be wearing a Charles & Ron dress especially designed for her performance, which many will be eagerly waiting to get a glimpse of.

Report: Rachel Powell

Photos: Rachel Powell and Steve Congrave