Junior Eurovision

Gianluca in love with the Georgian food

The highlight of the day on Thursday was a visit to a typical Georgian restaurant, where some JESC participants were shown how to prepare the food and they were given the opportunity to prepare it themselves.

A number of Georgian songs and dancs were performed for all the guests as well.

Gianluca was very into all the food information going around him and he also tried most of the food.  We can say that he liked the majority of the Georgian food with some exceptions :)…..

In the late afternoon Gianluca and the dancers took the stage together with all the other performers to practise the common song #Shine Bright, as part of the Opening Act of the JESC 2017.  The show is amazing and we are more than sure that the televiewers will appreciate it alot.

The day came to an end with the usual Live FB Show on the Eurovision Song Malta page, as a guest Gianluca had Maria Fiore, italy’s singer….if you missed it you can

watch it here

DO NOT forget to start voting on Friday 24th Novemeber from 6:00pm onwards on junioreurovision.tv