Junior Eurovision

“I’m so proud of you” – President Coleiro Preca

H.E. President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca expressed her pride in the work that the young MCAST students were carrying out at the Press Centre of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Madam President congratulated individually each member of the 20-strong team of budding photographers, videographers, editors and journalists who are completing a practical assignment by reporting in full the events at the JESC 2016. Informed sources told TVM.com.mt that these young people, whose ages range between 18 and 20, are putting up a quick-fire service of stories related to the singers and the songs of the 17 countries participating in this year’s JESC. the same sources said that the students are posting up to 30 stories a day, complete with edited videos and a range of gallery shots. They are also keeping an eye out for creative and quirky shots using a fly-on-the-wall technique.

Later, the President also visited the crew and stage set-up and had words of encouragement for all the hard-working staff who were working to make the show a success.


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