Get to know Aidan Jay Drakard

We asked Aidan J some questions to get to know him better and here are his answers:-

Name & Surname:- Aidan Jay Drakard

Age:- 13 years

Stage Name:- Aidan Jay Drakard

Song you will be participating with:- Mad World

Who is your favourite artist?:- Ed Sheeran

What type of music you love singing to?:- Ballads and Pop

What are the three things you can’t live without?:- My family, my friends and singing

Ten years from now you will be…. I will continue on my singing career and maybe become an accountant

What is your favourite thing to do when you are not singing?:- Playing football

Well Done Aidan J for making it to the final and we wish you the best of Luck!!!


Aidan Jay is a 13 year old artist – he differs from other artists, for the simple reason, that his genre is somewhat distinctive. He loves mixing it up and trying different genres, lately he seems to be experimenting more with acoustic numbers.

He started his career at the young age of 5, and from then onwards he has never looked back. In fact Aidan Jay had the opportunity to participate in a number of local competitions singing covers and original numbers.

He also had the chance to represent Malta succesfully in a number of international compeitions both locally and also abroad. His biggest feat was when he managed to win the Grand Prix Prize in the third edition of Singer Stage International Festival.

Aidan Jay believes that in order to be a complete artist, he needs to continue studying and working hard. Aidan Jay is currently focusing on strengthening his vocal training and always up for a new challenge.

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