Get to know Kylie Meilak

We asked Kylie some questions to get to know her better and here are her answers:-

Name & Surname:- Kylie Meilak

Age:- 13 years

Stage Name:- Kylie. M

Song you will be participating with:- I Believe

Who is your favourite artist?:- Demi Lovato

What type of music you love singing to?:- Ballads and RnB

What are the three things you can’t live without?:- Music, Best Friends and Mobile

Ten years from now you will be…. a singer and a Doctor

What is your favourite thing to do when you are not singing?:- Acting

Well Done Kylie for making it to the final and we wish you the best of Luck!!!


Kylie Meilak was born on the 6th February 2004 and she is 13 years old. She lives in Marsa with her family and her 2 cats. She attends the Immaculate Conception school in Tarxien.Her Favorite subjects are Science and Maths.

Kylie has been singing since she was 8 years old and is coached by Ms.Maria Abdilla. In 2014 Kylie was choosen to represent  Malta in Sanremo Junior when she was only 9 years old. She also took part in KKI Junior 2014 as a duo with the song Rakkont.  One of her latest achievments was last year’s Malta Junior Eurovision where together with her group Fusion she placed 2nd. Kylie’s inspirational singer is Demi Lovato and in fact one of her dreams is to go to X-Factor and sing with Her. Kylie is very happy to be with the 10 finalists for this year’s Malta Junior Eurovision and is going to make the most of this amazing experience.