‘Dalli was aware of such activities but did nothing to disassociate himself from them’ – OLAF

‘Commissioner Dalli had taken no action to prevent or disassociate himself from the facts or to report the circumstances’ said the European Anti-Fraud Office, regarding investigation into alleged bribe requests to obtain the lifting of the EU ban on snus.

Despite OLAF’s claim that there was no conclusive evidence of direct participation of Commissioner Dalli in the shady dealings; yet, a number of unambiguous circumstantial pieces of evidence gathered in the course of the investigation, indicate that Commissioner Dalli was aware of the activities of the Maltese entrepreneur and of the fact that this person was using the Commissioner’s name and position to gain financial advantages.

OLAF said that the investigation findings point out that the Maltese entrepreneur, who had organised meetings between Commissioner Dalli and representatives and lobbyists of snus producers, repeatedly requested a considerable sum of money from the snus industry in exchange for the adoption of a proposal for the lifting of the ban on snus, trading on the name of the Commissioner.

According to OLAF, this request was turned down by the snus industry and no payment or financial transactions have taken place.

OLAF reiterated that since partial evidence of the case had been provided to the press by interested parties; it will not comment on details of the investigation, as the matter is now under consideration by the judicial authorities.