Farrugia lashes out at government on Smart City project
Michael Farrugia
Michael Farrugia

Labour MP Michael Farrugia has criticized the government for not keeping the electoral promise to generate 5,600 jobs. Farrugia said that this promise was explicitly done to win electoral votes before the general election.

The PL speaker for Communication and ICT remarked that Smart City directors said that they never agreed on any time frames.

Farrugia went on to criticize the PN government for not being able to finish off road works that connect the Airport to Smart City. He recalled that in a Bondi Plus edition the government had cited drainage systems problems as the main reason why the Smart City project had fallen back from the original schedule.

The PL speaker said that his Party was not in any manner criticizing the project itself. He added that a Labour government will eventually work hand in hand with the investors of Smart City in order to attract companies to invest more in Malta.

Farrugia concluded by stating that during a visit held recently in Dubai by a delegation of the PL, it was revealed that one of the main reasons why not so many companies came to invest in Smart City was due to the bureaucracy they faced. He assured everyone that a labour government would work to eliminate this problem.

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