‘Malta offers great investment opportunities to Spain’ – Investment Minister

‘’While economic and social pressures have significantly hindered Europe’s progress and exposed fractures in various EU economies, I am pleased to say that Malta has escaped relatively unscathed and managed to keep recording increasing levels of investment, economic growth and job creation’’ said Investment Minister, Tonio Fenech, in his opening speech during the Maltese-Spanish Forum.

Minister Fenech explained that both countries can benefit from fostering bilateral relation in clean energy sector and cooperation in water management and desalination projects.

The Minister made reference to trade exchanges between the two countries, which  ‘soared’ from €126 million to €200 million last year.

‘’We are in the crisis together and we will continue to cooperate to ensure the economic prosperity of our two countries and of Europe as a whole’’ added the Minister.

Minister Fenech outlined structural reforms and ongoing investments in infrastructure, education and manpower training have led to an increase in productivity which in turn has enhanced the local economy’s growth potential.

Aħbarijiet Oħra

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