‘Malta to lose energy independence – Opposition Leader

China deal:

We have not much information with regards to the China deal, and can only rely on statements made by the Prime minister and Energy Minister, Opposition Leader, Simon Busuttil said.

Dr Busuttil raised a series of question with regards to this deal, asking why was he as the Opposition Leader, kept in the dark about the deal; since when did General Workers Union change its stance on privatisation of the most essential service in Malta.

Interviewed on Radio101, the Dr Busuttil said that he feels uncomfortable with the idea of China having a say on Malta’s electricity and the rights of Enemalta employees. Furthermore, he added that the Government by striking this deal will lose its energy independence and will have to face repercussions.

‘I suspect that the agreement was struck prior to the general election, and not just in these past six moths’ said Dr Busuttil, adding that the the Government took the decision behind everyone’s back.


Health Sector:

‘’The Health Minister can’t get medicine to pharmacies let alone to homes’’, Dr Busuttil stressed with regards to the medicine shortage while making reference to the Labour Party electoral manifesto.

In the light of the engagement of nurses, the Opposition Leader said that the Health Minister has no idea how to administer such a ministry, having left some 150 nursing students redundant during the summer months.


‘’Questionable’’ transfers:

Dr Busuttil said that PN’s fairness over the past years made it an easy target for criticism even among PN supporters.

Referring to the AFM commander’s transfer, Dr Busuttil said that Martin Xuereb had always fulfilled his job, so why was he being replaced. The PN leader raised the same argument with regards to the transfer of former Police Commissioner.

 PL Reactions

The Labour Party (PL) in a reaction to these statements, said that in stead of co-operating with government to save Enemalta , create jobs and attract investment, The Leader of the Opposition is drowning in negativity. The PL said that the solution by the leader of the Opposition is no different from that of the previous Nationalist administration which had all but bankrupted the corporporation. The PL said that government is on track with its plans for energy. 




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