Dare to Dream – MPO Childrens’s Concert

Samwel wants to dance, but he doesn’t know how his dream can become a reality …


Little Samwel doesn’t have the help he’ll need to make his dreams come true! Saddened and helpless by everyone’s reaction to his dream he runs off to his hiding place; an old tree with a mysterious hiding place inside of it. There he meets an Old Man who says the tree belongs to him, but he has never seen him there before. Before long the two make friends and to Samwel’s surprise the Old Man tells him that he too was once a dancer and tells the amazed young boy all about his dancing adventures around the world when he danced from country to country as a young man. But that is not the only surprise in store for Samwel as he slowly starts realising that dancing is not the only thing him and Old Man have in common…

Episode #1

Ixxandar: 25 ta' Diċembru 2018
Numru ta' jiem li fadallu fis-sit: 5 ġurnata
60 minuta

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